In 1937, Miguel Negret founded a winery in downtown Bogota, Colombia with a simple vision: offer great wines made from quality ingredients to the community he loved. 77 years later, his grandson Vincent is set to begin the latest chapter of this family story in the beautiful river front town of Hudson, WI.


The Negret Wine Company story begins in Bogota Colombia, where in 1937 young merchant & entrepreneur Miguel Negret founded “Negret-Montes & Cia”, the first Negret family winery which specialized in Vermouth, Port and Moscatel wines.  In 1952, Miguel retired and his sons Luis & Vicente continued the family business, renaming it “Bodegas de Champaña” and launching the first sparkling wine ever made in Colombia.  The next 30 years were prosperous, with hundreds of thousands of bottles sold in the local market.


In 1984, Vicente and his two sons Juan Pablo and Vincent Jr. opened a new winery called “Vinerias del Castillo”.  It quickly rose in prominence and became the first local winery in Colombia’s history to be served on the country’s flagship airline, AVIANCA. Vincent Jr. used his studies in Enology at California State University, Fresno to introduce a number of innovations to their production facility, bringing the family’s winemaking process into the modern age.


The 1990’s marked a period of extreme political turmoil in Colombia. The drug cartels dominated the market. The Negrets refused to give in to their repeated extortion attempts but the powerful cartels bought their main competitors and flooded the market with cheap wine. By 1994, Vinerias del Castillo was out of business.  In 2000, Vincent Jr. left a dangerous Colombia for the United States, hoping to start over and create a better life for his family.


After 14 years as a winemaker for several successful wineries across the Midwest, Vincent junior, along with his daughter Camila and his son Mateo, look forward to continuing the Negret family tradition with the opening of the Negret Wine Company in Hudson, WI.


The Negret family is very grateful to our many friends whose help and support have made this beautiful project possible.


Quality, Sustainability, Service, Tradition and Family – this is what we believe in. This is what guides us.

This is the Negret Wine Company.

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